NFL Football on the field

Super Bowl Ads Reviewed Thanks to Snowstorm

Super Bowl XLIX delivered the whole package: A good matchup on the field; a stunning visual halftime show; interesting commercials. Great quotes like “Our people didn’t touch the balls” (Robert Kraft of the Patriots). And that crazy ending!

I wanted Seattle to win because the Patriots beat the Bears in 1985. What a heads-up, hands-up catch in the Continue reading


PR is Firefighting too: Babylon Tells it Like it Is

“I know I look like a police officer, but I’m a firefighter. That’s all I do. I put out fires,” says the head of the Metropolitan police in Thursday’s episode of Babylon (Sundance Channel, S1E3). He’s talking to Liz Garvey, an American PR consultant who’s been hired to improve Scotland Yard’s image.

The show is chaotic, uneven and full of conflicting personalities. In other words, just like real life. Garvey, played by Chicago-born  Continue reading

Drawings of a squirrel and a pigeon

Squirrel or Pigeon?

I never thought about eating squirrel until last week. We were binge-watching Alpha House (the very funny political satire by Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury fame), and one of the characters reminisces about roasting squirrels. A few days later we’re watching some other show (a drama most likely) and there’s a remark about squirrel chili. I just searched “squirrel recipe” and several suggestions from Google came up including squirrel recipes for the slow cooker. Apparently it’s a thing. Yet I don’t foresee Continue reading