tough workout needs high protein breakfast treats

Morning Workout Recovery: Carrot Cake for Breakfast

tough workout needs high protein breakfast treats

After a tough workout, high protein carrot cake is a great reward!

If I don’t get to the gym in the morning, there’s a good chance I won’t get there at all. But mornings are early for this night owl, so I usually don’t eat before my workout (especially if it’s a yoga class). Much of the literature (and trainers I know) talk about having something to eat within 20-40 minutes of completing your workout. But that falls squarely in the showering/getting dressed time slot. I’m still at the gym with no fridge or stove or blender handy.

I’ve been searching for the perfect portable, post-workout breakfast. Perfect (to me) means Continue reading

Drawings of a squirrel and a pigeon

Squirrel or Pigeon?

I never thought about eating squirrel until last week. We were binge-watching Alpha House (the very funny political satire by Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury fame), and one of the characters reminisces about roasting squirrels. A few days later we’re watching some other show (a drama most likely) and there’s a remark about squirrel chili. I just searched “squirrel recipe” and several suggestions from Google came up including squirrel recipes for the slow cooker. Apparently it’s a thing. Yet I don’t foresee Continue reading